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Since 1997, M & M Appliance has been the only independent appliance retailer in DC city limits. We carry all of the major brands big box companies do (and more!) with the personal touch of a family-owned business. With three convenient locations in D.C. and Alexandria, VA we sell, deliver and service appliances in all surrounding areas. We are sure to impress you with our years of experience and top-rated customer service. Call or stop by one of our showrooms today.

We proudly serve the areas of Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA, and Bel Air, MD, as well as Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and Aberdeen MD.

Meet the Team

  • Michael Greenwald Michael Greenwald Owner 202-882-7122 mikeg@mandmappliance.com
  • Rory Callaghan Rory Callaghan Kitchen Designer 202-796-2860 roryc@mandmappliance.com
  • Todd Spencer Todd Spencer DC Sales 202-796-7957 todds@mandmappliance.com
  • AJ Hardy AJ Hardy DC Sales 202-796-8020 ajh@mandmappliance.com
  • Brian Loggins Brian Loggins DC Sales 202-796-7875 brianl@mandmappliance.com
  • Germaine Bennerson Germaine Bennerson DC Sales 202-660-1531 germaineb@mandmappliance.com
  • Sandy Jones Sandy Jones DC Sales 202-796-2865 sandyj@mandmappliance.com
  • Daniel Atyeo Daniel Atyeo Property Management 202-882-1299 daniela@mandmappliance.com
  • Eric Mattsson Eric Mattsson Alexandria Manager 571-699-3109 ericm@mandmappliance.com
  • Noah Bennerson Noah Bennerson Alexandria Sales 571-895-2737 noahb@mandmappliance.com

Get In Touch

Name Department Phone Number Email
Ryan Richardson Bel Air Sales 410-348-1387 ryanr@mandmappliance.com
Tina Whipp Bel Air Sales 410-348-1466 tinaw@mandmappliance.com
Zach Billings Bel Air Sales 410-541-7750 zachb@mandmappliance.com
Michael Kowalewski Bel Air Sales 410-571-4412 michaelk@mandmappliance.com
Aaron Kamerer Director of Operations 202-796-8008 aaronk@mandmappliance.com
Maurice Tobar Operations Manager 202-796-2733 mauricet@mandmappliance.com
Reme Contreres Delivery & Installation 202-796-2617 remec@mandmappliance.com
Tammy Gordon Purchasing 202-882-1138 tammyg@mandmappliance.com
Kaleigh O’Neill Marketing 202-796-7962 kaleigho@mandmappliance.com
Paula Pahos Accounting 202-291-3333 paulap@mandmappliance.com
Stainless Steel Appliances
  • 1997 Year Established
  • 3 Convenient Showrooms
  • Proud Member of the Community
  • 55+ Dedicated Employees
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction